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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Do The Red Sox Really Want Jon Lester?

     It's been reported today, by every 8th grader in Eastern Massachusetts, that Jon Lester has signed with the Cubs. Well, at least while I'm typing this, no one with a big boy job has confirmed such a story. But while we all wait for Lester to make a decision, I'm wondering; Do the Red Sox really want him to sign here?
     While it seems like decades ago, it really hasn't been that long since Larry Lucchino waspopping Champagne and decided that any pitcher over 30 can hit the bricks. This philosophy actually made some sense. You'd be hard pressed to find an aging pitcher that got a big deal and lived up to the contract. But when the Sox front office saw that the kids at the cool lunch table were mocking their original offer to Lester, like any unpopular kid at school, Larry just wanted to fit in. So suddenly they claim they're willing to throw anything at Lester. Or at least that's what they're telling us.
     The Red Sox have made the declaration that they will "Go hard" after Lester. But is that what they're doing? There are only two offers out there as of now and the Red Sox losing out to the Cubs. Why not really break the bank for Lester? I suspect it's because they don't actually want him. They did it with Nomar, Pedro, Damon, and Ellsbury. They made an offer that, to the fans, seems reasonable. In reality it's a deal that they know the player will never take. This way they can come to us and say "Hey guys, we tried." and we just pat them on the head and tell them they did their best.
     Personally, I have no problem with the Sox thinking a pitcher of Lester's age isn't worthy of a long term deal. Facts would back them up. Just don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining. I've had enough of Red Sox ownership trying to adopt the Patriots, no nonsense philosophy but then go back on it every time Michael Felger or Dan Shaughnessy criticizes them. Even if the Red Sox do surprise me by upping their bid for Lester, it won't be for the right reasons. Like so many things they've done over the years, they won't do it for baseball. They'll do it for NESN and to launch another nonsensical sell out streak.

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