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Friday, December 19, 2014

Goodbye Rajon Rondo

     Last night, the Celtics made the best basketball move available. Rajon Rondo is a player who is at his best with stars around him. That was not the case the last two years in Boston. Rondo was a guy that was largely considered selfish, a problem in the locker room, and a guy who doesn't get along with coaches. His jump shot couldn't hit anything other than the first row of the stands. He isn't a guy who can change a team and he's not a top five point guard in the league. Despite all that, I'm sad that Rajon Rondo is no longer a Celtic.
     Rondo was a part of the only championship Celtics team I've seen in my lifetime. He was a star on the only competitive teams this town has seen in two decades. And he was the last shred of talent remaining on this rebuilding project. He single handedly kept the Celtics in the series against the Miami Heat in the 2011 playoffs when he dropped 44 points. He's a guy who was fun to watch and made players around him better. While Rondo may have been selfish off the court, and even at times on, he elevated the play of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and made them look better in the twilight of their careers. People in the media got on him for going after assist records rather than trying to win. While that's not the mentality you look for in a player, let's not kid ourselves. Rondo wasn't doing that in games that mattered. In fact, the last year, plus, he was doing it in games, those same media members were advocating for Celtics losses. And say what you want about the guys attitude, he's not a Carmelo Anthony whose style of play is at the detriment of his teammates. Rondo was a big part of winning teams. Dirk's play will improve because of Rondo And yes, I just said Dirk because I was too lazy to make sure I was spelling Nowitzski correctly.
     The Celtics did make the right move. In fact, they probably should've traded Rondo last year, while he was actually worth something in return. In all likelihood they kept him around because they felt they had a real shot at Kevin Love. Well they didn't, and this is what they're left with. A team with no stars to speak of and praying that all the draft picks they have pan out. It was smart to trade Rondo. The high school Mike Geary in me, that watched Rondo light it up with the Big 3, is sad to see him go.

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