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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thank You NCAA

     The NCAA is one of the worst, most crooked organizations that is still allowed to operate in these fine United States. They have reaped the benefits of hard work from young men and women for decades while not giving the a cent. Meanwhile, telling those same kids that while we are using your name to grow our brand and line our wallets, if you sign that name on a jersey or a ticket stub in order to get a discount on tattoo's or a free meal, we will ruin your reputation and hinder your ability to progress in your sport. They allow coaches in basketball and football to lie, cheat, beg, borrow, and steal in order to dominate their sport. Then by the time they decide to investigate, that coach fled town long ago and they punish the current athletes who had nothing to do with the violations. Any time the argument comes up that if they pay athletes, whose lives are consumed by the Division 1 sport they play, they take a page from my dad and hold the newspaper up to cover their faces so we just go away and leave them alone. Despite all that, I'm here to thank the NCAA for a job well done today.
     Finally there will be a College Football playoff in the coming weeks. For years, people begged for a better way to determine an NCAA National Champion than the BCS system. The NCAA always wondered, well how could we possibly do that? Hmm, let's put our thinking caps on here fella. Why not take a page from basically every other sport on the planet? But I have no more to bitch about. They finally did it. There will be four teams this year, likely expanding to eight going forward. This will eliminate any wonder of whether a team like your Boise State's or TCU's should be considered.
      Now I'll admit, like most people in the Northeast, I'm an NFL guy. I'll take a look at college football here and there but for the most part  never give it my full attention. But the new playoff system will get people like me to watch. It provides the ability for upsets and gives smaller schools a greater chance. It has amazed me for years that an organization that created March Madness couldn't see the benefit of a tournament setup. One of the excuses, for years, was, well, we can't let these kids miss their winter break. Really? There have been countless stories of student athletes not going to class. D1 sports consume your entire life while they're in season. And going home for a couple weeks is more important than fulfilling their goals of getting a chance to play for a national championship. But enough bashing the NCAA. They will do something soon that everyone acknowledges is awful, do nothing to fix it, and proceed with business as usual. When that day comes we can rip on them. But today I thank the NCAA. You finally got something right.

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