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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tom's Potty Mouth

     I watched last week's New England Patriots loss to the Green Bay Packers and this past Sunday's win over the San Diego Chargers. I saw the intensity of Tom Brady on the sidelines. If it even registered in my mind at all, I guess my only thought would've been, I'm glad the quarterback that I root for still has that intensity this late in his career. He obviously still has a passion for the game and a desire to win. Apparently that makes me a monster. Because, from what I hear, civilized people look at that and ask, how could he use such language? Doesn't he know kids could be watching? The simple answer to that is, he doesn't give a fuck... Excuse me; He doesn't give a f***.
     The only way you are able to succeed in professional sports at the level of a Tom Brady is by being competitive. There wasn't an athlete on that field that was wondering if the children at home were getting the right message of sportsmanship from their game. The goal is to win. Football is an emotional game. For anyone to try to scold Tom Brady or the networks for being able to read lips is absurd. It's childish. These people are the very same that would tattle on you during recess. They're people who want society to parent for them rather than having an actual discussion with their kids. People couldn't believe when Charles Barkley said that he shouldn't be viewed as a role model. But in the age of social media and 24 hour news coverage, that becomes more and more true. These are guys who are good at a sport. They aren't here to make sure their mouths are covered every time they drop an F bomb.
     To those people, who have written letters to the FCC and tweeted about how Brady should be fined, look at the league you're watching. Go beyond the obvious problems they have now in dealing with domestic abuse. It's a league where a man who has served times for dog fighting has been a starting QB for multiple teams. Another two-time Super Bowl winner has had multiple rape allegations against him. There are current and former players in the league who have multiple DUI's or have even killed someone behind the wheel in a drunk driving accident. Ray Lewis went through a murder trial and, not only had a Hall of Fame career after that, is now breaking down the games on ESPN. These are some of the characters that make up the cast of the TV show that is the NFL. So doesn't it seem a little silly, in that environment, to make Tom Brady explain where he found the audacity to say "Fuck" on the sidelines?
     I guess the real reason it angers me is because it says so much about our society. In this new "everybody gets a trophy" age, you see this more and more. People aren't allowed to be outspoken or stray from the imaginary list of rules that seems to change everyday. I realize it's a minority that feels this way. But it's a very loud minority. A minority that, for whatever reason, networks and advertisers seem to listen to. If we keep kissing the toes of these babies, entertainment will become so watered down that it doesn't reflect real life. But instead a world where everyone thinks the same and no mean words are said. You have the ability to change the channel. If you don't watch the Patriots, you'll never have to read the salty language coming out of Tom Brady's mouth. But that's on you. Not on Brady. Not on CBS or NBC. Not on the FCC or the NFL. If the word Fuck is so shocking to you that you need to write an outraged letter of complaint, maybe the NFL just isn't the league for you.

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