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Monday, February 2, 2015

A Patriots Win Or Seahawks Loss?

     After two weeks of dealing with the deflated ball controversy (which I refuse to acknowledge as "DeflateGate") the New England Patriots came out and did their job. If not for an interception in the end zone and letting the Seahawks march down the field in the last 30 seconds of the first half, we could have breathed easy as we drooled over Katy Perry and realized Missy Elliott was still alive at halftime. Instead I had to break out my inhaler and strategize the best way to get onto the roof in case I needed to jump off as the game came down to the wire. If nothing else, we learned that these were two evenly matched teams that deserved to be in the Super Bowl. But a lot of people are saying that the game wasn't won by the Patriots as much as lost by Pete Carroll's play calling in the final seconds. Sorry to tell the Patriots haters, but that's not a valid excuse.
     Throughout the course of every game you can pick apart plays and calls that, had they gone the other way, changed the outcome. That doesn't mean that the Patriots got lucky or the better team lost. Even the girls in my living room who asked me what position Julian Edelman plays, couldn't believe the Seahawks didn't put the game in Beast Mode's hands and let him pound it in. But the call was made. It's up to the players on the field to execute. For two weeks we listened to the media get on their knees and slobber all over Russell Wilson's manhood. Even an hour before the game, I heard him called the greatest mobile quarterback of all time. Pete Carroll bought into that and wanted to show us all how genius his 3rd round quarterback was going to punch the cheating Patriots n the gut. Wilson proved he isn't capable of that. The kid is a good quarterback and will probably get back soon and redeem himself. And yes, to not hand the ball off to one of the best running backs in the league was silly. That shouldn't allow the idiots to come out of the woodwork to claim the Pats didn't deserve the win. If Malcolm Butler isn't in the right spot, the Seahawks win. If Russell Wilson stepped up and completed the pass, the Seahawks win. The mantra of the Patriots, all year, was "Do Your Job". The Seahawks losing is as much on Russell Wilson not doing his job as anything else.

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