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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Deflate Clickbait

     Before you take the title of this post and think it means I'm just another Patriots homer that kisses the rings and turns a blind eye to everything else, let me explain. I think the Patriots did something wrong. I think Tom Brady looks bad here. What I do not believe is that Brady should be suspended, kept out of the Hall of Fame, have his rings taken away, and be forced to cut off contact from his friends and love ones as we ship him off to a hut in Rwanda. I said this in January and I've said it since. I understand why the Patriots should be investigated and face punishment. I do not understand why this became a story that lead NBC Nightly News or why it became something the President would comment on. The Patriots and Tom Brady did something wrong. So does everyone who is pulled over for speeding or take fries off your girlfriends plate when she goes to the bathroom.
     I've heard that Brady should be suspended for the opener. It's also being reported that he could face up to a full year suspension. Do you know what gets you less than a full year suspension? Silly, minor violations like first time steroid and drug use, beating your wife or girlfriend, or getting shitfaced and slamming your car into another human being. Those, we can all stomach as a nation. But a man with the audacity to take such a minimal amount of air out of a football, that after months of investigating, it was concluded that it "More than probably" happened. Whish is my other big issue with this whole thing.
     The term a lot of people took from the Wells Report was "More than probable". That was the phrase used to describe the Patriots premeditated involvement in this. While I think that statement, at it's core, is true, so what? If you are on trial and there is no real evidence against you other than vague text messages, and the jury just decides "eh, he more than probably did it", will you just accept that? It is an embarrassment to the NFL that they allowed this weak conclusion to be the final draft of a report that is apparently, judging by it's name, equal to the Watergate scandal. So punish Tom Brady if you feel there's enough evidence to do so. All I ask is that you not take his children away and deport him for this apparently violent crime.

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